The Right Choice

At The Fireplace Center we are a full service fireplace, BBQ Grill, and  accessories dealer.  We can provide:
  • Service to existing fireplaces
  • Direct vent fireplace repair
  • We offer a full line of Cleaning & Maintenance products

By offering both sales and service for our high quality products we are able to ensure optimal performance of our products and superior service for our customers

No Chimney?! NO PROBLEM

Proper ventilation provides greater operating efficiencies with each stove, fireplace and insert, as well as providing a home that is free of potentially harmful by-products of burning fuel products.

Proper installation is not only necessary for the performance of your new stove, fireplace insert or fireplace, but is necessary for your safety. At The Fireplace Center we install what we sell. By using our own technicians and installers who understand the importance of delivering legendary service, we are able to provide our customers with high performance and safety. 

Direct vent fireplaces, stoves, and inserts do not require a chimney and take just a few hours to install. Direct vent uses a 7" diameter pipe with a 4" pipe inside. The inside pipe is used for exhaust and the outside pipe is used for air intake. Direct Vent models do not use any air from inside the house for combustion.